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  • Rev. Dr. Barry C. Black

    2022 Preaching with Power sermon with the Rev. Dr. Barry C. Black, U.S. Senate Chaplain.
  • 2022 Preaching with Power Chapel Service - Rev. Dr. Janet J. Sturdivant

    2022 Preaching with Power Chapel Service with the Rev. Dr. Janet J. Sturdivant, Presiding Elder of the South District of the Philadelphia Annual Conference of the AME Church, presiding.
  • Bishop Yvette A. Flunder

    2022 Preaching with Power sermon from Bishop Yvette A. Flunder, City of Refugee United Church of Christ, Oakland, CA, and Presiding Bishop of The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries.
  • Sacred Music Concert -- Scott O. Cumberbatch

    2022 Preaching with Power's sacred music concert was performed by Scott O. Cumberbatch, Minister of Music at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Englewood, NJ
  • Rev. Dr. Wayne E. Croft, Sr.

    2022 Preaching with Power sermon with the Rev. Dr. Wayne E. Croft, Sr., the Jeremiah A. Wright, Sr. Associate Professor of Homiletics and Liturgics in African American Studies at United Lutheran Seminary and Senior Pastor of St. Paul's Baptist Church, West Chester, PA.
  • Rev. Dr. Stephen G. Ray, Jr. -- 2022 Preaching with Power Lecture

    The 2022 Preaching with Power lecture, part of the annual Preaching with Power series from the Urban Theological Institute of United Lutheran Seminary, was presented by the Rev. Dr. Stephen G. Ray, Jr., former President, Chicago Theological Seminary, on March 15, 2022.
  • Rev. R. Guy Erwin, Ph.D. Presidential Inauguration

    A photograph of the Rev. Dr. R. Guy Erwin taken during his inauguration ceremony with Presiding Bishop Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton and Deacon Chelle Huth in the near background with other bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in the far background.
  • Luther Colloquy 2021: the Rev. Dr. Carmelo Santos, "Decolonizing Emotions: Musings on a Liberation Theology of the Brain."

    The Rev. Dr. Carmelo Santos (he/him/his) has a Ph.D. in Religion &Science from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago/Zygon Center for Religion and Science. Since 2011 he has taught on the intersections of Theology, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science at Georgetown University and as guest instructor and speaker across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, where he is originally from. Until November he served as a parish pastor in the Metro Washington D.C. synod of the ELCA. He has been featured in national and international media for advocacy of migrants' human rights. His theological research focuses on the question of the decolonization of the imaginary and of the emotions via religious narratives and practices. His interests include affective neuroscience, decision making neuroscience, the cognitive science of religion, Neurotheology, Postcolonial Theologies, Liberation Theologies and Lutheran Theologies. Carmelo currently serves as the ELCA Director for Theological Diversity and Ecumenical & Inter-religious Engagement in the Office of the Presiding Bishop.
  • Luther Colloquy 2021: the Rev. Dr. Lisa Dahill, "Rewilding Life Together: Bonhoeffer, Spirituality, and Interspecies Community."

    Rev. Dr. Lisa E. Dahill is Professor of Religion at California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA, and rostered in the ELCA. From 2005-2015 she was on the faculty of Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, OH, where she taught worship and Christian spirituality. A past president of the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality, she is also a widely recognized scholar and translator of the writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Her publications include Reading from the Underside of Selfhood: Bonhoeffer and Spiritual Formation, as well as many scholarly articles on Bonhoeffer, Lutheran spirituality, sacramental theology, and ecology; she is also co-editor of Eco-Reformation: Grace and Hope for a Planet in Peril. In her spare time she enjoys biking, hiking with friends, yoga, kayaking, playing with her new puppy Tiger, and getting to know the native species in her backyard.
  • Luther Colloquy 2021: Dr. Jonathan Strom, "The Complex and Controversial Spirituality of Pietist Conversion Narratives."

    Dr. Jonathan Strom has taught the history of Christianity at Emory’s Candler School of Theology since 1997, where he is currently Senior Associate Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs and Professor of Church History. His research focuses on the history of the clergy, post-Reformation Germany, and the emergence of Pietism. He is the author or editor of five books, most recently German Pietism and the Problem of Conversion (2018). His current research project focuses on the cultural history of the common priesthood in Protestantism.
  • Luther Colloquy 2021: Dr. Vincent Evener, "The Passion and Spirituality in Sixteenth Century Lutheranism."

    Dr. Vincent Evener is Associate Professor of Reformation and Luther Studies at United Lutheran Seminary and Director of the seminary’s annual Luther Colloquy. He is the author of “Enemies of the Cross”: Suffering, Truth, and Mysticism in the Early Reformation (Oxford University Press 2021) and the coeditor of Protestants and Mysticism in Reformation Europe (Brill 2019), and he serves as book review editor for the journal Dialog. He has taught at the seminary since 2015. His current research examines how Reformation-era clergy (and some others) taught practices of discipline and discernment through sermons and devotional literature on the passion.
  • Holy Communion with Rite of Installation of the Rev. Dr. R. Guy Erwin

    The Installation of the Rev. Dr. R. Guy Erwin as President of United Lutheran Seminary was held at St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lancaster, PA with Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton presiding and Bishop Patricia Davenport (Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod) preaching.
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